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Raise Awareness on the Streets

Let people know about the Sept. 23rd Global Climate Strike through postering, leafleting, and chalking on the streets!


Outreach Toolkit:

Print posters and leaflets yourself:

Order posters and leaflets using this form:

Or pick up posters at one of these locations (no leaflets here yet):

  • Greenpeace Office, 33 Cecil St: Monday to Thursday, from 9 am to 5:30 pm. 

    • Buzz at accessible front door or text 647 886 2275.

    • Mask required for entry

  • Trinity St Paul’s United Church, 427 Bloor St W: Daily from 9 am to 9 pm. 

    • Buzz at Bloor St accessible entrance: ask for “Climate Strike posters”  

    • Mask optional but recommended

  •  Eastminster United Church, 310 Danforth Ave: Mon to Sat from 8:30 am to 10 pm (after 6 pm, call # on door for entry).

    • Enter at Jackman St accessible entrance   

    • Mask optional but recommended


Postering is a simple and fun way to raise awareness. Bring your friends!

  • Choose a neighbourhood or area to poster. Look for busy places, or community hubs

  • Ask local businesses, libraries, and community centres if they'll post your poster on their poster board!

Postering Outside

The general rule for postering is to put posters anywhere there's a lot of people, and where people are waiting and have time to read the poster. Eg:

  • Put posters up on cement telephone poles.

  • Poster near traffic lights, so people read them when they’re waiting for the light to change

  • Poster near TTC stops (people spend a lot of time waiting there)

  • Don’t vandalize anything, that’s illegal! For instance, don’t poster on top of TTC advertisements, or on city signs. Go here for more info.

To poster outside, you can use tape, but it’s better to use ‘Wheat Paste’. This is a mixture of flour and water that you can literally paint over your posters. It works like glue — it soaks through the poster and sticks. It also makes the poster rainproof and impossible to rip down. 

Wheat paste recipe, another wheat paste recipe and postering instructions

Watch this video for a (brief) glimpse of what your mixture should look like at each stage.

(NOTE: making wheat paste involves boiling water. Be careful. Also, make sure you have a clean workspace before you start, as it can get a little messy.)


After you’ve made a batch, carry it around in a container or a bucket! Bring a thick paintbrush. Using it is easy:

  1. Paint and cover the place you want to put the poster with wheat paste.

  2. Put your poster up

  3. Paint some more wheat paste on it!



  • When we’re leafleting, we’ll be talking to the public and trying to hand out flyers in places like parks, on the street and wherever we can reach people.

  • Be confident, and know your facts! We want to make sure people have all the right details about the strike.

  • Be polite, and welcoming to any questions! It’s ok if people don’t know much about climate change!! It’s not their fault, as governments and companies spread a lot of misleading information to seem more ‘eco-friendly’ (especially fossil fuel companies).

Printable leaflets here


Places to chalk:

  • Write on the sidewalk, at crosswalks, and at TTC stops

  • Get a group of people to come chalking with you around the neighbourhood! It’s actually fun)


Example chalk messages:

  • Climate Strike! Sept 23rd

  • Climate Justice Now!

  • Anything else! Add art too, like protest fists, people protesting or a big earth. 

  • If you have space, make sure to include our organization's name or the website url:  

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