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Future actions will take place ONLINE until further notice 
TAKE ACTION​: What ​you​ can do about climate change during the COVID-19 Health Emergency 

Actions to take while physically isolating at home: 
● Stay informed.

● Talk to your family and friends about climate change, and what they can do about it.   

● Advocate for divestment from fossil fuels.​ 

● Volunteer and join Fridays For Future Toronto Organizers!

● Call, email, text or use social media to send a message to your city councilor, your MP, and/or your MPP about your concerns about climate change.

● Call your radio station’s phone-in shows to speak up about climate change.

● Write Letters To the Editor of your local newspaper to express your concerns about climate change.

● Reduce your personal carbon footprint using ​Global Footprint Network​ or Project Neutral.

● Make a personal carbon footprint commitment by taking a pledge with Climate Pledge Collective​.

● Investigate whether your personal investments are free from fossil fuels. 

● Engage with your bank to advocate for them to divest from fossil fuels.

● Make a donation to our organization!

For comprehensive resources including links and contacts see our full document here:
Resources about COVID-19 from health care professionals:
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